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In January 2012 the ‘Swanland Education Centre' opened its doors to children from Pre-School age upwards.

Swanland Village Education Community Based Organization was established in the year 2012, courtesy of Swanland Education Africa Trust, as a community based organization, with the agenda to impact the community of Ng’ando by offering quality education, care, support and protection in Ng’ando location, Dagoretti subcounty – Nairobi. In 2018, the organization was duly registered as a community-based organization with the ministry of East Africa community, labour and social protection – Kenya.

Being and education orientated intervention, SVEC operates a pre-primary and primary school dubbed – UPENDO SWANLAND ACADEMY within the target community. The school offers an intensive quality education programme under the 8.4.4. system and the new Competency Based Curricula. The school has a capacity of 264 children, however due to funding constraints we have always minimized the number of beneficiaries to a maximum of 200 pupils. We employ the services of qualified teaching staff, who instruct our children academically.

Over the years SVEC has offered quality education, care, support and protection to over 1,000 children who have passed through her school project – Upendo Swanland Academy. Apart from the initial mandate, provision of mental health care to the children and their families was dimmed as very necessary for success and thus was integrated in 2020, after the covid-19 pandemic.  This has been largely funded by members of the Swanland Education Africa Trust – UK and community support mobilized locally through the beneficiary families, and well-wishers.

The impact of SVEC in Ng’ando community has been tremendous. Testament to this fact is the continued starling performance of our pupils when they proceed to higher levels of education; even to the universities. It is amazing that we have vulnerable children from Ng’ando empowered to compete fairly with their more priviledged counterparts in higher levels of education. Our interventions on care, support, protection and mental health is felt beyond the children in the project to their families as well.

SVEC is situated in Ng’ando location, Dagoretti subcounty – Nairobi, next to the area chief’s office.


  • To provide quality pre-school and primary education to the vulnerable children Ng’ando location, Dagoretti sub-county - Nairobi
  • To provide care, support and protection to the vulnerable children of Ng’ando location, Dagoretti sub-county – Nairobi
  • Provide mental health care service to the project beneficiaries and their families, and to engage in sensitization of the community on mental health awareness.

The majority of the children are from single parent/carer homes and until now have had no schooling, many living off the streets to survive.
Please help us give these children an education and a hope! Money raised on behalf of these projects will provide:

Message from Directors


"A simple but powerful reminder of the positive domino effect a good education can have on many aspects of a person's life and outlook."

Chryspin Onkoba Afifu
Swanland Village School Nairobi


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Flouridah Awuor Afifu
Deputy Director
Swanland Village School Nairobi

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