Our Programmes

We have various programmes that are designed to meet the various needs of the children and the society around us

Quality education – Under the school name Upendo Swanland Academy, we provide quality education based on the 8.4.4. and CBC curricula, to children in pre-school and primary school. Our intervention targets these formative years as we believe that they are very critical in establishing a firm foundation for academic excellence. Our children, after completion of primary education, join other schools are admitted in other schools.

Often, through funding from well-wishers SVEC has supported children joining secondary school with a bursary fund. The bursary fund covers form one entry fee payments, materials and equipment needed for admission; often on a need basis and depending on available funding.

Care, support and protection – SVEC provides care for the 200 children in the Upendo school project by offering two to three meals every day, offering learning material and equipment, providing a safe environment for the social development of the children in this programme. SVEC prides of a love-filled community where children not only get provision for basic needs, but all is done in love, thus the name of the school center – Upendo (Love) Swanland Academy.

We uphold the rights of the children as stipulated in the children’s act (ed. 2012). We work in partnership with local authorities, the community and like-minded civic organizations to create awareness on the rights of the child, and to lobby/mobilize appropriate responses and interventions when children’s rights are violated.

Provision of Mental healthcare – We recognize that mental health is critical in the development of any child. We subscribe to the World Health organization (WHO)’s phrase, “There is no health without mental health.” Children’s mental health is often ignored, yet it is one of the major impediments to the successful development emotionally, physiologically, intellectually, mentally, socially and even spiritually.

Children exposed to poverty and other adverse childhood experiences, such like the majority in Ng’ando community, are more vulnerable to mental health challenges and illnesses. With the services of qualified mental health professionals, we offer psychological support, treatment for mental disorders and practice positive psychology as a preventive mechanism for vulnerabilities.