About Us

Alleviating Poverty Through Education.

We give vulnerable children  the tools they need to create brighter futures for themselves and their families.

More than 11 years ago Swanland Village Education Community based organization was established courtesy of Swanland Education Africa Trust, as a community based organization, with the aim of giving children in poverty the tools necessary for advancing and creating brighter future for themselves and their communities by offering quality education, care, support and protection in Ng’ando location, Dagoretti subcounty-Nairobi county. Later on in the year 2018, the organization dully registered as a community-based organization with the ministry of East Africa community, labor and social protection Kenya. Today, the CBO is a renowned organization working tirelessly to give every child within Ng’ando location the best possible start in life and access to a good education with the support of our good donors and sponsors, just like you. This has enabled the children within the region to gain the skills and confidence they need to create promising future that is free from poverty.

Aiming to Restore Hope!

We Prepare & Empower children for Success in School and Life!

Bringing children together to get quality education and end poverty for good is our number one priority.

Being and education orientated intervention, SVEC operates a pre-primary and primary school dubbed – UPENDO SWANLAND ACADEMY within the target community. The school offers an intensive quality education programme under the 8.4.4. System and the new Competency Based Curricula. The school has a capacity of 264 children, however due to funding constraints we have always minimized the number of beneficiaries to a maximum of 200 pupils. We employ the services of qualified teaching staff, who instruct our children academically.

Our mission is to provide caring, high quality, free education and related services to under resourced children and their families in Ng’endo location. With the support of our donors and sponsors like you, these children will gain the skills and confidence they need to create promising future free from poverty.

Our Activities in a Nutshell.

What Makes Swanland Village different?

We are striving to be the best humanitarian organization in Dagoretti focused on ending generational poverty and providing quality education to children in need through a proven approach. For nearly 11 years, we,ve developed a high impact methodology that empowers children from poor families to break free from poverty and get equal access to education. With your kind support, these children will receive an access to quality educational resources and life changing programs in a safe and clean environment.

Donations to the Needy.

When you sponsor a child, you change their future and give them a better hope of becoming successful persons in the society. Helping them see beyond the daily struggles of poverty is our number one agenda. Your support gives children the chance to create a better future not just for themselves, but for their families and communities too. Sponsorship starts a powerful multiplier effect that improves lives, communities and economies around the world.

Book donation.

Your sponsorship encompasses book donation program designed to address challenges faced by the poor families in acquiring books and educational resources for study for their children. This proven long-term approach has enabled us to acquire educational resources and materials necessary for their learning, empowering them to become educated, healthy and productive future young adults.

Giving Uniforms.

We aim at empowering the community through the provision of uniforms by targeting the underprivileged students & their families. Access to clean and appropriate school uniforms helps reduce the financial burden on families, encouraging regular school attendance and increasing student’s self-confidence within the community.

Large Playing Field.

Children in poverty often lack access to spaces like playing ground and recreational centers. They are more likely to be exposed to the dangers of violence, gangs and drugs at an early age. Our objective at Swanland village is to enhance their opportunity for physical activity, personal growth & social interaction. Your donation will assist us in mobilization of resources to establish or upgrade existing sports facilities.

Our Objectives

To Provide quality pre-school and primary education to the vulnerable children in Ng’ando location, Dagoretti sub-county.
To Provide care, support and protection to the vulnerable children of Ng’ando location.
To Provide mental health care services to beneficiaries and their families, and engage their families in sensitization of their mental health awareness.

Our Mission

To provide education support, care and protection to vulnerable children in Ng’ando location, through intensive implementation of the 8.4.4 and CBC curricula, support of a regular feeding programm, provision of mental health services and protection of children’s rights as stipulated in the children’s act (2012).

Our Vision

A sensitized community where children welfare is a priority in terms of education, safety and provision of basic needs.

"The Visionary"

Chryspin Onkoba Afifu


“A simple but powerful reminder of the positive domino effect a good education can have on many aspects of a person’s life and outlook.” Has been his mantra!

Known for: Being a champion of gender and women’s economic empowerment by promoting the education of their children and advocating for students born into poverty to give them the opportunity for better lives. After meeting the mothers of these poor children in most parts of the country, he developed a great desire and commitment to empower them by providing quality education to their children so they could reach their potential and be agents of positive change in their families & community. Mr. Chyrspin through Swanland Education Africa Trust has reshaped the global mindset of these families by offering their children quality education that they might deserve.


"The Inspirer"

Flouridah Awuor Afifu


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Her favorite quote.

Known for: Asking questions to dig deep and find innovative solutions on how to run and keep the organization in check. Mrs.Flouridah sees opportunities to improve quality and service while developing initiatives for growth at Swanland Village. She manages teachers and processes with a global lens. Her responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization. She contribute to strategic planning, program management, team leadership, fundraising management, stakeholder engagement and reporting all which are of key significance to the organization’s success in fulfilling its mission and creative positive impact in Ng’endo community and thus empowering the beneficiaries to leverage through poverty.

Education is the most powerful tool which we can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Some of Our Competent Teachers

Swanland Village has been instrumental to me and my family. Through it I can get my source of livelihood and support my family.
teacher 5
Mary Amusali
Your commitment to providing educational support and resources to underprivileged children has been truly remarkable.
teacher 2
Mrs. Name here
Swanland Village is doing a great job in educating children in Ng'endo family and giving them a future and brighter hope.
teacher 4
Mrs. Name here
I have seen the joy on my students' faces when they receive school supplies, books, and uniforms from your organization. These simple yet essential resources have not only improved their academic performance but have also boosted their confidence and self-esteem.
Mrs. Name here
Swanland Village is doing an incredible work in our community. As a teacher in this school, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact the organization has had on the lives of our students and their families.
Mrs. Name here

Our Director Featured Keynote at Greatalks.com

Kenya’s poverty rate is one of the lowest in the world. Nearly 17% of Kenya’s population lives on less than $1.9 per day. However, the situation won’t change unless younger generations are educated to look for a better future. Unfortunately, the situation is even direr in rural areas of Kenya and Nairobi. Swanland Village School works to transform the lives of children living in poverty to give them a better future in Nairobi.

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